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Do you have a meaningful career in Recruitment?


For desk Investment

30 Years

Headhunting Experience


We look at everything always to see what can work better. Efficiency matters to the best recruiters.


We’re grown ups, we work for grown ups and we work with grown ups. We mirror our clients professionalism.

We like our Clients

By design or accident, we work with excellent brands who look after their employees.


At a time when, bizarrely, agencies are cutting investment – we will invigorate your desk.

A glimpse at who we want

Are you relentlessly ambitious?

Do you look at time as a resource?

We are a professional recruitment environment and a catalyst for extraordinary careers.

We’re in search of smart consultants with the capacity and endeavour to become industry leaders.

If that’s you, we’re ready to invest in your future.

Professional Development

We’re not so much looking to employ you as to bring your career into a trajectory-altering partnership.

Our goal is to develop you to the point where you no longer need Amicus, and our job is to ensure that when you get there we’re the home you choose to do really great things.

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It would be spurious and rude to expect high performance and not reward it. We remunerate at the top of the market, gladly and fairly.

Your Risk

We are not interested in failure or false starts. If we’re interested in you we’ve done our homework. We will only hire you if we think it works for everyone.

Promise from our Directors.

We love recruitment, we love our company but we understand what this industry can be like.

We are fair, reasonable and good humoured people with a genuine interest in the development of others.

Recruitment can be done well without the hassle.

Ross & Robert

We do not consider applications expressions of anything more than curiosity.

Talk to us. Let us tell you what your experience in Amicus will look like and where it can take your career.

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