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Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

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We listen. We hear. Then we talk.

The options we present you will reflect your expectations and goals, we rarely start a conversation with specific roles in mind.


We discuss careers, markets and how best yours can be managed.


We don’t twist arms. Our clients have needs, you have expectations – it’s great when they match.


We know what we’re doing, we live best practice and to ensure optimal conclusions.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

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Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

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Ross has a thorough understanding of the TAX market and I found his advice pragmatic and valuable throughout my engagement with him.

Tax Director | Top 15 Firm

Working with Pat was a delight, and I heartily recommend him. Pat continually exhibits a tremendous dedication to helping people locate the best employment possibilities.

Pat’s broad network in the technical sector further strengthens his recruiting skills and enables him to match exceptional people with the best possibilities.

I highly recommend Pat.

Audit Senior | Big 4