The Walking Dead Season 5

Have you become a Zombie in your Job?

With the new season of the Walking Dead starting back on our screens this week, it felt like a good time to talk about identifying when a job has become a (walking) dead-end. Sometimes roles evolve and progress at the same pace as your career

Open Day Legal Secretarial Jobs

Why first impressions are hard to shake

They say that impressions are formed in the first 7 seconds of meeting with someone, and whilst I think this is a little harsh it is certainly worth considering.  I have had many experiences of meeting with talented and impressive job seekers


Why your last month in a job is one of the most important

Robert Frost once wrote, “the only certain freedom is in departure”. When you quit your job many feel that they are free to act as they like for the duration of their notice.  The advice we always give however is to act in the way you wish to be

Amicus Recruitment Intern Summer 2014

My internship with Amicus

My name is Cliona Burke and yesterday I started an internship in Amicus Recruitment for the summer. I’ve just finished transition year and I have been out looking for a summer job since the day I got my holidays. Then I got the idea that I

Amicus Recruitment Executive Search and Head-hunt

“I was head-hunted for my current role”

“I was head-hunted for my current role” is a statement I come across regularly within recruitment, but it is also a statement that fails to correctly categorise the nature of an approach in many instances. If you are contacted about