Is the Summer a good or a bad time to move jobs?

A very common question asked of recruiters is whether the Summer is a good time to consider moving jobs. In my experience the answer uniformly is yes – if it’s a good opportunity, it’s the right time. On a more objective basis however there is a wider discussion to be had in relation to the functionality of a job search and how that is impacted by the Summer months.

Whether it’s sports or tourism, there are many careers where the main ‘transfer window’ is during the Summer, but for industries which don’t operate on a seasonal basis there are a range of factors which you should consider before initialising your approach to market.
We’re all going on a… Summer Holiday!
The vast majority of people take time off during the Summer months. Whether it’s because of the school break or to enjoy the (sometimes) better weather, Summer is synonymous with holidays and from a recruitment perspective, holidays mean extra planning.
When moving jobs during the Summer months, communicate with your recruitment partner, HR contact or hiring manager so that they are aware of your leave dates and don’t be afraid to go a step further and identify if there are expected delays during the recruitment process on their side. Delays are not an issue by themselves, but if you are in multiple processes for different roles you want to be able to keep everyone updated if your expected timelines are shifting.
I’m melting, I’m melting … oh what a World
This might seem a bit obvious but a mix of warm weather and nerves can leave even the best of us slightly uncomfortable in an interview. Dress to impress but be mindful of raising temperatures and if you plan on walking to your interview give yourself plenty of time so that you can freshen up on arrival. During last Summer’s heatwave I assisted a job seeker who misjudged the distance to an interview and ended up jogging the last half a kilometre in a suit so as not to be late. The interviewer asking if it had started raining outside was a clear indicator that a taxi or an extra ten minutes might have made the experience a little more comfortable so always give yourself plenty of time.
Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. Everywhere.
Summertime is a great time to move jobs. With downtime on the horizon or recently taken and a likelihood of better weather, spirits are generally that bit higher and this has an impact on the positivity you and a potential future employer brings to the proceedings.
Additionally, with people away it’s often a bit easier to step out for interviews or calls with recruiters especially if your direct manager has their feet up in the Algarve!
In real terms, a thorough search of the market and a carefully managed approach to the right types of opportunities is the key to a successful move whether this is done in the Autumn, Winter, Summer or Spring. Keep some of the above concerns in mind, try not to break any personal bests en route to your interview and remember – if it’s the right job, it’s the right time.
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