Trainee Solicitors, What to do as your training contract comes to an end?

Congratulations soon to be qualified Solicitors. The challenging path you’ve been on since you sat your first FE-1 has almost reached its conclusion.

It’s a significant achievement and one to take a moment and be proud of.

As you enter the final few months of your training contract however, there are a number of things you should start thinking about.

  1. What will your role be in January?

Many firms have already engaged with trainees qualifying in December to establish preferences and expectations for the new year. If this hasn’t occurred yet don’t be afraid to take the initiative and enquire what your circumstances are going to be when your contract expires.

NOTE: If you have not committed to a practice area yet, be aware that the greatest demand for NQ Solicitors is within Property, Funds, Corporate, Banking and Construction.

  1. Are you being kept on or have you decided to move firms?

Unfortunately, not all trainees are retained post qualification and even if you are you may decide that you want to move. Take time to explore where the market demands are and cross section that with where you received the best experience. Be guided by the areas of law that most interest you but be mindful of the fact that you will have to chase demand somewhat and may have to opt for something that isn’t your preference but that presents you the best chance of a positive move and the opportunity to build good experience moving forward.

  1. Build good rapport with one or two partners.

Whether you stay or move it’s a good time to build a good working relation with key partners in your firm. Either to promote the case for retaining you or to secure a positive reference, become indispensable to the decision makers in your practice for these last few months.

  1. Update your CV.

There is a slight uncertainty around the next few months and it’s worth having your CV updated now while you have time. Make sure to review the experience you gained in each rotation and provide good content as to the scope of advice you were personally involved with. Get someone to read your CV or send it onto a recruiter and get some preliminary advice.

An incredibly interesting and rewarding chapter of your career is about to open. Enjoy it and well done on your achievement to date.

We are currently recruiting for Newly Qualified Solicitors in the areas of Funds, Property, Corporate, Pensions, Construction, Banking and Litigation.

If you would like to discuss options, get some general advice or just get an expert to review your CV you can reach me directly on 01 531 24 24 or


What to do as your training contract comes to an end Written by Robert Connolly, Director Legal & Compliance

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