New Job in the New Year? Now is the time to start your search

The advent of each new year is often an occasion where people think about self-improvement. Sometimes this is about taking on a new hobby or getting fit. Oftentimes it’s when people think about their career.

For many, the decision to move in the new year happens at that time and we often see ourselves busy with applications throughout January as a result.

But what if you want to be starting your new job in the new Year?

If we look at the recruitment time line, it’s around now that you should be getting your CV in order and out to potential employers if you wish for a start date in the first or second week in January.

If you sent me your CV today, here is how the following weeks would plan out:

Day 1 – Monday 24th October 2016

Call to discuss application, expectations and motivations

Days 2 – 4

Meeting to discuss CV in more detail, provide advice with regards to structure and additional elements that can be added to improve chance of interview selection

Days 2 – 4

Engagement with the market, discussing profile and experience with employers and securing interviews

Days 4 – 6

Confirmation of initial interviews.

It is possible, but unlikely, that you will interview with an employer within a week of submitting your CV to an agency.

Days 6 – 10

Detailed Interview prep with recruiter and first round of interviews with employers

Days 14 – 21

Interview feedback, second round interviews and potentially initial offers of employment

Days 21 – 28

Offers of employment, negotiation, references and potentially notice of termination of employment to current employer

The date is now 21st of November and best case scenario you are about to start on a 1 month notice period and potentially 3 if you are in certain types of roles or are a more senior experienced candidate.

Things can often move much faster than above and I have met with people for the first time and secured for them an offer of employment within one week before. However in very busy environments such as professional services the process generally from start to finish is more likely to take 2 – 4 weeks and often much longer.

If you are hoping to be starting a new role at the start of 2017, now is the time to start applying for positions.



New Job in the New Year? Now is the time to start your search by Robert Connolly, Director Legal & Compliance


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