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Accountancy Practice & Tax Market Update

Following from our “why do accountants move jobs” blog our second release in the run up to our salary survey release I am going to give a market overview of the Accountancy Practice and Tax Markets in Dublin. Overall both the tax and accountancy practice markets were extremely busy throughout 2015 with key trends as follows:

Accountancy Practice:

Within accountancy related positions the market was active across all disciplines.  Audit, whilst still off the peak of the mid to late naughty’s, continued to create opportunities with large to small firms all hiring. In fact 2015 saw a marked increase in the activity levels of small firms with many hiring from a part-qualified to manager level in the main. Within the larger firms (Top 7) the main focus was on hiring into the financial services audit space however positions were created in other industry focused departments also.

Corporate finance has had its busiest year in recent memory with a number of large firms looking to recruit predominantly into transaction services units. Corporate recovery had a bit of a wain however for individuals interested in progressing down this route there were still opportunities available. The consulting area within the larger firms continued to experience a boom with candidates highly sought after for financial advisory and finance transformation roles.


The tax market throughout 2015 continued to create a large number of opportunities. In fact there is such a shortage of relevantly qualified candidates that some firms started to consider individuals with the tax exams but without specific high level tax experience for more junior level roles. This was a facet of the market that hasn’t really been seen since the years of 2007/2008. There was also another increase in the number of industry jobs created this year. Overall corporate tax expertise was still the most sought after skill however there was a big drive this year for individuals looking to progress down the employment/expatriate tax route. The VAT area created a number of roles and firms showed an openness to recruiting international candidates with good VAT experience due to the lack of suitably qualified candidates in the local market.

In summation the key difference I have noticed this year compared to previous years is the willingness of firms to consider candidates who are not ticking all the boxes. This is in response to a very tight market where there are not enough candidates to satisfy the demand that has been created by an improving economic background. This has also had an effect on salary levels which will be discussed in more detail in our salary survey release.



Accountancy Practice & Tax Market Update was published by Amicus Search & Recruitment and written by Ross Wynne, Director Accountancy & Tax.

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