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What strengths should a compliance professional demonstrate at interview?

Many people struggle with being asked about weaknesses in an interview, but it is important to be comfortable communicating not just your areas of development but also where you]

With greater demand and indeed competition for the best compliance roles, it is critical to have all your primary talking points ready before you walk into an]
So what are some useful examples to lean towards when asked about strengths?
Communication skills
Many times within a monitoring and controls environment “attention to detail” and an ability to “work to deadlines” are preferred obvious examples. Being able to demonstrate a clear and direct communication style that works equally well regardless of who you are engaging with is a critical part of a compliance professionals role that sometimes goes overlooked.
Personal interest
Being able to demonstrate ways in which you stay informed and aware of developments within the regulatory framework that you operate under is a positive marker to lay down in an interview setting and shows that you take your role and function personally.
Being aware of the impact that the function you provide has on the business is a great way to demonstrate your ability to be a team player and also that you are capable of being a decision maker within any organisation.
Whilst the above are useful thought guidelines, the best examples to give with regards to strengths are the honest ones. If the areas where you excel marry well with the demands of the role you are interviewing for then it is likely to be a successful recruitment process for everyone. 
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What strengths should a compliance professional demonstrate at interview? written by Robert Connolly, Director Legal & Compliance Recruitment || 01 531 2424