Are you interested in this job? Prove it.

A major question that needs to be answered at interview (and is often overlooked during preparation) is why you are interested in a job. If a hiring manager can see that you understand the role, that you are interested in the sector and that you have an understanding of the company and its culture then you go a long way to assuring them that you are likely to stay in the role, be happy and be productive. Many different questions are asked at interview to try and establish your interest and we have condensed these down into three specific “why’s” to help you prove it.

The Three Why’s:

·       Why are you interested in the role?

·       Why are you interested in the sector?

·       Why are you interested in the company?

Of the above only sector really needs much explanation. Sector could be an area of law, a specific type of technology, an accounting role in financial services or if you are making a change (professional services / consulting into an in house function) this can also be discussed under the sector heading.

You may get asked questions specifically relating to just one of the above, but we suggest that where possible you try and combine all three responses to show that you have thought about the role and visualised yourself in it.

“Show that you have thought about the role and visualised yourself in it”

One of the best tips I offer during interview preparation is to personalise your interest in the role and company. Any cultural or technical aspects of the environment you are moving into that marry well with your own attitude or skills should be offered up and identified.




Are you interested in the job? Prove it.

Written by Ross Wynne |

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