Thinking of travelling as an Accountant?

One of the benefits of qualifying as an accountant is the flexibility it gives you to work abroad. The training and qualifications you receive in Ireland are transferable to almost anywhere. Despite this, there are a couple of key factors you should consider before you go about travelling as an accountant?

Work or Play
For many, the prospect of travelling for a period of time is driven by the desire to experience other cultures and countries or at the least, something different to home. If this is your mind set then this should be reflected in your search. If you plan to move around, then focus on the contract or temporary market as this will give you more definite dates to work with.

If your intention is to improve your CV or even relocate on a more permanent basis, then look at what the jurisdiction you are travelling to has to offer and what it means for your career down the line. If, for example you travel to an offshore financial services centre, or a location known for a concentration of expertise (maritime, pharmaceutical, aviation) look at type of exposure you gain there and whether there is a market at home to accommodate this new experience.

It is critically important to be aware of what barriers occur in different jurisdictions. Within professional services such as Accountancy there can be some limitations on the positions you can take on without further qualifications. Be sure to research these in advance as some are not initially apparent and may only apply to certain types of roles or industries.

Local professional bodies are the best sources for this information.

Some jurisdictions do not have transparent employment laws and as such a travelling professional can find themselves earning less than their local counterparts. Ensure that you find out in advance what ballpark your expectations should fall within and leave yourself in a better position to negotiate.

Plan your return dates so that you are re-engaging with the local market before you arrive home. I would generally suggest start searching 3 – 4 months in advance so that you have visibility on a wider window of opportunities. This also leaves you with the chance of being paid a relocation bonus if companies are particularly interested in securing your employment.

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